FOCO Presence at NACs

In order to serve the cadre better, the FOCO is striving to have at least one of our regional representatives at every NAC this year. We’ve listed the representatives, and the NACs they plan on attending, below.

NAC/Location FOC Ombudsman Rep
November 7-10 NAC (Louisville: Jr/Cdt/Y14) Tasha Poissant
December 5-8 NAC (Dallas: Div1/Div2/Vet) Mike Ross
January 9-12 NAC (Salt Lake City: Div1/Jr/Sr Team/CHR) Tasha Poissant
February 13-16 Junior Olympics (Richmond: Jr/Cdt/Jr Team) Lisa Campi Sapery
Feb 27-March 2 National Championships and NAC (City TDB: Div1/Div3 /Vet/Vet Team/CHR) Matt Cox
April 17-20 Wheelchair National Championships and NAC (Milwaukee: CHR/Div2 /Y14/Y12/Y10/Y14 Team) TBD

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