What’s FOCO Been Up To?

In the last six weeks, the Fencing Officials Commission Ombudsman (FOCO) group has been busy. In an effort to maintain transparency and accountability, we will give regular reports on our progress.

To date, we have:

  • Set up shop online – with this website and the ancillary Facebook page and Twitter feed.
  • Developed a communications system that keeps FOCO members in regular contact, including a private, online forum and regular conference calls. This system, and the make-up of our group, has proven to be effective. Case in point: when one FOCO member attended the November NAC in Louisville and learned that many refs hadn’t received the officials’ email, she sent a message to other FOCO group members, and within 10 minutes, three members posted to the FOCO website, which pushed the info to Facebook and Twitter.
  • Started developing policies and procedures that will stand the test of time.
  • Received two complaints from cadre members and collected facts to document those complaints.
  • Began identifying areas of interest in which FOCO can help the cadre.

We are hoping to publish the results of our complaint resolutions as soon as we hear back from the FOC. Please continue to watch for updates on this site, as well as our Facebook and Twitter feeds.

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