CRI Update – Application and Process Recommendations

Recently, the FOC’s Grassroots Development Committee (GDC) removed several Certified Referee Instructors (CRI) from the list of CRIs. One CRI appealed that decision to the full FOC, and the FOC’s decision on the matter has potential ramifications for other former CRIs removed from the list at the same time.

The CRI in question appealed that the Grass Roots Committee made the decision using incorrect criteria. The committee appears to have made the decision based on the listed qualifications to become a CRI rather than the listed requirements to remain a CRI. (Those unfamiliar with the criteria, please visit the FOC website, or click on this link ). On an FOC conference call, the interested parties presented their cases and the FOC decided to rescind the decision of the GDC and reinstate that CRI.

The examination of the requirements is what caused the Ombudsman Committee to write an opinion on this case. The requirements cause an understandable confusion by all parties. To remedy the issues we suggest the following:

  • Immediately reinstate all affected CRI who wish to be reinstated to the list
  • Create clear guidelines covering qualifications to become a CRI applicant
  • Develop an official application process for all who qualify and have an interest in becoming a CRI. This includes the possibility for CRIs who removed from the list for any reason
  • Institute a course auditing method, so any transgressions are fact-based
  • Build a web-based participant feedback process which is automatically sent to all course participants
  • Communicate those feedback results to the individual CRI who taught the course
  • Create and publish quality reports on individual CRIs, so potential course organizers can better understand the perceived quality of previous courses given by that CRI to make informed decisions about hiring CRIs
  • Construct an official review process to sanction and remove CRIs who are not meeting the qualifications to remain active
  • Publish these new guidelines in as many locations as possible

We believe this is a good first step in reengaging the CRIs, while giving participants a way to rate and preview potential course instructors.

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