FOC Restructure Update

Many of you submitted applications to be a part of the restructured FOC, and for that I personally thank you for wanting to make the organization better. Like you, I am waiting to hear about the process to be used to select the new FOC and the people who will interview and make recommendations to the Board. To date, we know of no progress on that front. So to that end, The Ombudsman Group would like to update you on the events, as we understand them:

  • In preparation for the FOC meeting in August, Sam Cheris asked for ideas on a restructuring of the FOC so there could be a framework of discussion at that meeting.
  • At the FOC meeting, with an external consultant and staff from the National Office present, a reorganization plan was created and the FOC was tasked with creating the details of job descriptions, an application, and an interview process.
  • The process was presented to the Board, and approved, at the Board meeting in October with the FOC left to complete the job descriptions in advance of the December target date.
  • The process was launched and then recalled by the Board to extend the application deadline. Simultaneously, the Board changed the interview process, so that the existing FOC would have no part in it.
  • In December the National Office received, and to this date holds, the applications. The Board appointed Soren Thompson to identify the right mix of people to review and interview the applicants. 

Now it is March, and we are still waiting. I understand there has been difficulty in identifying the right mix of people to conduct the candidate review and screening, but we have heard nothing. The FOC has heard nothing, nor have the individual applicants. 

I would suggest that someone, be it the National Office or the Board, reach out to all candidates with an update on their application, while also giving the existing FOC a time frame when they can expect the new model to take place. I think we can all safely assume we are in these roles for the balance of the 2015-16 season.

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