Defining Venue Boundaries

Summer Nationals is now under our collective belts. It was successfully completed with a record setting number of bouts fenced over the 10 day period. There were many great successes throughout this event. One opportunity for improvement that arose pertained to the application of Black Cards, and what that means to the individual receiving a Black Card.

When applying a Black Card, not only does the duration of the exclusion need to be well defined, but the boundaries of the exclusion need to be defined as well. During this Summer Nationals, there was an incident that unfortunately, but appropriately, escalated from exclusion for the day to exclusion for the entirety of Summer Nationals. What was brought to the attention of the officials was that we need to provide clear communication of what physical boundaries of a venue the exclusion includes. To avoid escalations like this in the future, one suggestion is to have boundaries better defined with the rules for exclusion for the given event. Example; Rules updated to reflect exclusion includes participation in, or disturbance of, any activities affiliated with the running of the event, including physical presence within the space associated with the event. i.e., anywhere competitors can be observed fencing. In addition to the rule enhancement, we suggest that the tournament organizers or the RC communicate at the beginning of each event regarding what the facility boundaries are, and the recipient of the cart needs to be told what the boundaries are.

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