Using Video Replay Guidelines and Recommendations

Devin Donnelly, RC Vice-Chair of the Rules and Examinations Committee, has made a post to the RC rules blog on video refereeing:

We thank Devin for the post, and in addition would like to request that US Fencing make efforts to limit the influence on referees and video consultants by limiting access to the area around the laptop where a video review is taking place.

Possible solutions for this could be:

  • Adjust the barrier area around the video review area to allow for more space around the review table.
  • Move the video replay to a different location within the pod, where it is not accessible to the general public.
  • Buy screen privacy filters for each laptop making the screen unviewable by any person not directly in line with the laptop

There could be others but we recommend that the changes be actionable and implemented as soon as possible.

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