Virginia Beach NAC and Payment Calculation Information

Referees encountered extra travel days en route to and from Virginia Beach for the January NAC. There have been reports that those extra days were not accounted for in perdiem payments. Those who work an event for US Fencing and are paid by direct deposit are only informed of the amount that they are paid. We recommend that US Fencing inform all staff how the calculations are made for per diem and honorarium for each event and that all staff review their per diem and honorarium reimbursements from US Fencing to confirm that they are correct, and if not contact Melissa Jones at to handle the correction.

2 thoughts on “Virginia Beach NAC and Payment Calculation Information

  1. I was there all four days and have not problems with any of the above. However, I picked up an expense form and it does not tell me what the pay for the various referee ratings are nor what the per diem is. With all the recent changes I don’t count on my memory to fill in these numbers. I would appreciation clarification on this. Thank you. Jim Adams, referee, epee rating three.


    1. Hey Jim,

      Pardon the delayed reply.

      The reimbursement forms are here:

      and have a sections that state:

      1. PER DIEM
        Per Diem will be paid to Volunteer Officials at the rate of $20 for each day of service plus travel days. Late night service will not increase the amount of per diem paid, and no additional meal allowance will be provided. Per Diem is not paid to USA FENCING officers and committee members (except while serving as a Volunteer Official). With valid receipts, meals paid for by officers and committee members will be reimbursed, up to $40 per person per day. USA FENCING does not reimburse for alcoholic beverages.
        Honorarium is paid for service days to referees according to their rating and to FOC representatives using the following scale: FOC representatives, Levels 1 & 2, 3, FIE A, and active FIE B (defined as having worked FIE Junior or Senior competitions within the last two years, as verified by FIE website), $125; Levels 4 & 5, $100; Levels 6 through 10, $75. At tournaments with wheelchair events, referees with IWAS ratings are compensated the same as FIE B rated referees. Honorarium is paid for service days to other Volunteer Officials (Tournament Committee, Bout Committee, Armorers and Trainers, etc.) at the rate of $100 per day. Completion and return of an IRS Form W-9 (Request for Taxpayer ID) is a prerequisite to payment of an honorarium, and when required, an IRS Form 1099 will be mailed each January. USA FENCING officers and other committee members on committee business do not receive an honorarium.



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