Repost: Call for Nominations for Vice-Chair Positions for the Referees’ Commission

The following is a repost of the article published by US Fencing here:


The Referees’ Commission (RC) is taking applications for the three positions listed below. To see a job description and eligibility requirements for the position, please click on the link provided.

All of the positions will begin August 1, 2018 and run through July 31, 2022. All newly elected Vice-Chairs will be expected to attend the annual RC meeting August 18-19 or 25-26.

Application Process

Applicants should submit a photo (head shot), resume and cover letter showing all relevant skills and experiences. The cover letter should address the following areas:

  • If elected what would be your plans for the committee?
  • What would be your initial steps to implement those plans?
  • What experience have you had in managing and training volunteers?
  • What experience do you have in chairing committees?
  • Who would be your key appointments to assist in the work of your committee?

These materials will be published prior to the election if you are one of the two candidates for each position put up for a vote.

Applications  should be sent to Sam Callan at USA Fencing, by 4pm MST February 27, 2018. Please include “RC Vice Chair Application” in the subject line.

A Nominating Committee will vet all nominees/applicants based on the qualifications and demands of the position and present the top two candidates for each position to be voted on by eligible referees. Vetting and interviews of applicants will begin February 28, 2018. Please provide a general indication of the days and times you would normally be available to meet with a panel of the Nominating Committee.


The election will take place in conjunction with the USA Fencing Board of Directors election scheduled to begin on May 2.

The winner of the election will then be submitted to the USA Fencing President for approval by USA Fencing Board of Directors.

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